Laser Teeth Whitening

We specialize in professional teeth whitening, ensuring that your smile reflects your personality!

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Teeth Whitening  – Now Only R 3 600.00*

Our basic one hour treatment will ensure that you receive dramatic results in the shortest possible time period.  This treatment is sufficient for most people and offers exceptional value for money.

*(Does not include the pre-cleaning treatment and post-cleaning fluoride treatment. Does not include the “At-Home Professional Maintenance Kit” and custom-made trays)

Listen what Pierre de Villiers, our very own Brand Ambassador for TEETH WHITENING SA says. Click on Pierre’s photo

Pierre de Villiers

At an additional cost, we can provide a custom, professionally made tray, just for you.

You can use this tray to further your whitening with our “At-Home Professional Maintanance Kit”, for periodic maintenance, ensuring your hard earned cash is well spent and you leave feeling that you have made a great investment in your smile.

This is ideal for people who smoke a lot, drink coffee and red wine.  With this tray you can continue life as normal.

It is important to have realistic expectations of your whitening experience.  The vast majority of candidates (over 95%)  are suited to whitening and this is something your dental professional will discuss with you.

Be careful of claims that promise too much. Many products claim to lighten your teeth by 9+ shades. Whilst this is possible, it is highly unlikely.  Again, it is important to have your teeth whitened by a professional.  Only professionals are allowed to use higher strength gels which will ensure best results.  Using weaker concentration gels is a waste of money and time.

Some providers claim of being able to whiten your teeth in 30min and give you dramatic results. They show you stock images of models. Whilst you may see a slight difference, it usually regresses after a few days resulting in a total waste of money and time.

For more information,  please view our FAQ’s

Performed by either a dentist or oral hygienist and using a product which is internationally acclaimed, rest assured that you are in good hands. Patient comfort and satisfaction guaranteed!

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To make an appointment, or for more information, please feel free to contact us on 012 653 4119 or simply make an appointment online.

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