Smiles That Go Miles – Home and Pro-care

A healthy beautiful smile is one of your best

assets. It tells people you are conscientious,

approachable, and responsible. And frankly,

it ramps up your “attractive quotient.”

Isn’t it a relief that keeping your smile clean and

healthy takes so little daily effort and just a

small portion of your personal home care

budget? You know the at-home routine:

brush at least twice a day, floss every day,

eat sensibly, don’t smoke, exercise, and get

sufficient sleep. Easy.

By having your teeth professionally

cleaned by us at least every six months,

you give us the opportunity to keep

abreast of your oral health – preventing,

detecting, and remedying a number of

unwelcomed and harmful conditions

such as gum disease, halitosis, cavities,

cancer, and even perhaps identifying

systemic disease that may be reflected


 Make an appointment today with Alinda,

our Oral Hygienist, for fresh professionally

polished teeth.

A wonderful festive season for you and your family

Take care,

Dr Emil Jansen

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