Enjoy a whiter smile

Whiten your teeth in one and a half hour! Simple, fast, easy … and now at R1495.00! Call to reserve your appointment!

012 653 4119

Offer expires December 31st, 2012.

General Tips for a Brighter Smile

The best way to remove surface stains is to start with a professional cleaning at the dentist’s office. Once you’ve got a clean slate, you can maintain your brighter smile by:

  • Brushing and flossing daily. Regular dental care will remove plaque before it can accumulate and attract stains.
  • Getting teeth professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Tartar buildup tends to stain easily and is very noticeable.
  • Not smoking. Smoking is a major cause of yellow stains on the teeth. It can also damage your gums.
  • Carefully choosing your beverages. Coffee, tea and cola are prime culprits. Limit your consumption to one or two servings per day and brush immediately afterwards.
  • Using a straw. Sip cola, juice and iced tea through a straw to reduce contact with your teeth.

Dr Emil Jansen

Dentist Centurion


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A smile is worth a thousand words

Almost anyone can benefit from teeth whitening. Of course, there are many reasons for discoloration and not everyone will experience the same results. That’s why it’s important to involve a dental professional. There are many factors that play into what kind of whitening is right for you, and a dental professional will help you get the best results possible.

What if your problem is not an unattractive tooth but a missing tooth? Don’t despair, a dental implant can help restore your function and aesthetics.

Please call for an appointment today at 011 653 4119

See you soon

Dr Emil jansen (http://www.teeth-whitening-sa.co.za/)



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Bright Smiles in Centurion

Hello South Africa!

 Do you want brighter, whiter teeth?

Most folks notice their teeth dulling as the years go by, but some foods, drinks, and even mouthwashes can stain teeth at any age.

Over the counter teeth whitening products like kits, strips, or toothpastes may slightly lighten stains, but for a truly brilliant smile, Teeth Whitening SA , located in Centurion, can help!

If you have dental veneers, bonding, or bridges, teeth whitening bleach will not lighten the stains and your whitened natural teeth will make your dental work look even duller in comparison. At Teeth Whitening SA, we can recommend new dental work, including veneers or bondings, if these have aged and discoloured.

Remember, anything that can stain a white tee shirt can stain teeth.

Fortunately, brushing after meals can keep stains at bay, however with acidic foods or drinks, just rinse your mouth with water. Brushing right away can erode enamel, causing thinner teeth as we age.

Teeth Whitening SA in-office whitening takes about an hour and a half and bleaches teeth to a whiter-than-ever brilliance. Professional take-home whitening kits are also available at our Dental Practice in Centurion and can produce the best results over time.

For more information on getting a younger and brighter smile, contact our professional team for a smile brightening consultation today!

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See you soon

Dr Emil Jansen

012 653 4119

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Win a teeth whitening with our Hygienist

Our Hygienist, your ally for more than just a cleaning!

Book a cleaning appointment with Alinda and stand a chance to win a Teeth Whitening worth R1 495.00.

If you take good care of your teeth, you’ll probably spend less time in our practice getting fillings and more time with our hygienist. And even though most patients usually refer to this time as a cleaning, it’s important you realize that oral hygiene appointments routinely include the following preventive services.

  •      screening for oral cancer;
  •      applying fluoride and pit and fissure sealants;
  •      cleaning and scaling teeth to remove plaque, tartar, and surface stains;
  •      polishing teeth and restorations.
  •      teeth whitening

Hygienists are also responsible for relaying educational information…

  •      brushing and flossing instruction;
  •      explanations of dental treatments, and
  •      answers questions about future treatment such as orthodontics and periodontal therapy.

So there’s no such thing as just a cleaning. And remember… no matter how much we can do for your teeth, the most important part is what you do for your teeth at home. Hygiene services begin in our practice, but they must always be followed by proper and regular brushing and flossing, and a healthy eating regimen.

If you need some home care tips, ask Alinda, our hygienist at your next appointment.

Remember to Book a cleaning appointment with Alinda and stand a chance to win a Teeth Whitening worth R1 495.00.

If you refer a friend your chances are even better to win.

The lucky draw will be on April 30th 2012, so make sure that you book that appointment asap at 012 653 4119.

PS.  Remember to mention the lucky draw when you book and the person’s details that referred you

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Poor Oral Health and Heart Disease

It doesn’t matter if you are a lean Centurion distance runner with a pulse of fifteen beats a minute and a blood pressure of 100 over 60. It doesn’t matter if you attend your local gym 3 times a week. It doesn’t matter if you are a Gauteng vegan who has eaten a nutritionally balanced, low-fat diet for the past five years. If you have inflamed gums and tooth decay, you are at risk for problems in other areas of the body.

Attention all our patients: Brushing twice daily and flossing once daily may help lower your risk of heart disease.

Poor Oral health and Heart Disease

South African scientists, dentists, and cardiologists have known for many years that there is a link between inflammation in the mouth (gum disease) and heart problems; however, a recent study analysed oral health habits and heart disease risk. Science Daily reported on the study which was published in the British Medical Journal.

I quote from the Science Daily article:

“The authors, led by Professor Richard Watt from University College London, analysed data from over 11,000 adults who took part in a Scottish Health Survey. The research team analysed data about lifestyle behaviours such as smoking, physical activity, and oral health routines.”

“Once the data was adjusted for established cardio risk factors, the researchers found that participants who reported less frequent toothbrushing had a 70 percent extra risk of heart disease compared to individuals who brushed their teeth twice a day.”

 The Scottish survey is one of many that confirm the link between oral health and overall health. Simply put: you aren’t healthy unless your gums and teeth are healthy.

The phone number for our Centurion practice is 012 653 4119. If you have concerns about your oral health, I invite you to schedule an examination today.

To your health

Dr Emil Jansen

Dentist Centurion



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Your Child’s First Visit to the Dentist

By age two and a half, most children have cut all of their baby teeth, so toddlerhood is a great time to instil good dental habits. Baby teeth are important because they hold space for permanent teeth.  Decay in baby teeth also increases the risk of decay in permanent teeth.

Although dentists now recommend that kids see a dentist for
the first time by their first birthday, twice-yearly dental check-ups and proper care at home are the keys to ensuring beautiful white teeth throughout childhood. For toddlers, however, the first dental visit can be a scary proposition. Strange instruments, loud noises, and new faces can upset even the most nonchalant 2-year-old. But with careful preparation (and plenty of prizes/presents), a first trip to the dentist can actually be fun.

Before You Go

  • It is advisable make an appointment to tour the office with your child on one of your own Dental visits. Observe how the staff handles children, and make sure you’re comfortable with all procedures. Parents should be in the examining room with the child and a dentist should stop working if a child gets upset or nervous.
  • Provide the dentist with a list of any medical conditions your child has or medications he takes. Keep your paediatrician’s phone number handy, too, in case the dentist needs additional health information.
  • If your child has a sucking habit, be it thumb, pacifier, or bottle, let the dentist know, as it may affect your child’s teeth and jaw. Also, be aware that sleeping with a bottle of milk or juice can cause tooth decay. During sleep, liquids in the mouth – which are full of sugar and bacteria – pool around the teeth and erode them.
  • Talk to your child about what’s going to happen. Practice brushing with your child beforehand, too, so she will be used to having a toothbrush in her mouth.

What to Expect

  • To make sure your child feels comfortable, formally introduce him to the dentist on his first visit.  A good children’s dentist will explain each step of the check-up with your child, show him the tools he’ll be using, and assure him that he can sit on Mommy’s or Daddy’s lap and stop any procedure if he’s nervous.
  • Using models and an oversize brush, the dentist will show your child how to brush with your help.  A dentist may also explain how the “cavity creeps come out at night to harm teeth” and how eating nutritious meals and drinking plenty of water keeps teeth healthy.
  • Next, the dentist might polish your child’s teeth with a rotary toothbrush. Letting the child see and hear the brush before it’s placed in his mouth helps put him at ease.
  • As with the other procedures he performs, the dentist will show your child how the “sucking straw” works before he uses it to remove extra toothpaste and saliva. As a final step, the dentist may apply a coat of topical fluoride.  Research shows
    that periodic fluoride treatments prevent decay. A child should not eat or drink for 30 minutes after a treatment.
  • Presents/prizes are a wonderful way to get kids to think the dentist’s office is a fun place. You may want to let your child pick a present/prize during the cleaning if he seems nervous. But if he gets genuinely upset, he may not be ready for his first visit.  In that case, cut it short and try again in a few months.

Good Habits at Home

Follow these tips to put your child on the road to a bright, healthy smile:

  • Stop sucking habits as soon as possible. They
    lead to potential tooth misalignment.
  • Choose a soft, kid-size brush. Replace the brush
    every three months.
    If the children are ill like having the flu or a cold, it
    is advisable to replace the toothbrush more frequently.
  • Use no more than a pea-size amount of toothpaste
    on your child’s brush. This offers adequate fluoride and protection from
    fluorosis, a damaging oral condition caused by over ingestion of fluoride.
  • Help your toddler brush after breakfast and
    before bed. We recommend that children under eight brush with parents’ help.
  • Avoid starchy and sugary snacks. They stick to teeth and increase the risk of decay.
  • If your child is unable to brush, rinse her mouth with water to wash away food particles and sugar.
  • Talk to your dentist about the best fluoride treatment.


Dr Emil Jansen (Dentist Centurion)

PS. All content here, including advice from doctors and other health professionals, should be considered as opinion only. Always seek the direct advice of your own doctor in connection with any questions or issues you may have regarding your own health or the health of others.


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Greetings from the Dentist

This is the season when it seems completely natural to contemplate the year gone by, the one to come, and to count our blessings. My team and I have been doing just that, and we are absolutely in accord about one thing: how very special and important you are to us.   Please look at our latest Newsletter.                                  

I hope that this is something we’ve been able to make clear to you over the year. You are all so kind and often express your sincere gratitude to us when you visit. I sometimes wonder if you realize how mutual that feeling is.

With so many wonderful patients, providing care transcends professional obligation and becomes an enjoyable privilege. Coming to work is a genuine pleasure every day, all year.

Thank you.

Best wishes for 2012!

Dr. Emil Jansen

Ps; Remember to check out our Newsletter


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Smiles That Go Miles – Home and Pro-care

A healthy beautiful smile is one of your best

assets. It tells people you are conscientious,

approachable, and responsible. And frankly,

it ramps up your “attractive quotient.”

Isn’t it a relief that keeping your smile clean and

healthy takes so little daily effort and just a

small portion of your personal home care

budget? You know the at-home routine:

brush at least twice a day, floss every day,

eat sensibly, don’t smoke, exercise, and get

sufficient sleep. Easy.

By having your teeth professionally

cleaned by us at least every six months,

you give us the opportunity to keep

abreast of your oral health – preventing,

detecting, and remedying a number of

unwelcomed and harmful conditions

such as gum disease, halitosis, cavities,

cancer, and even perhaps identifying

systemic disease that may be reflected


 Make an appointment today with Alinda,

our Oral Hygienist, for fresh professionally

polished teeth.

A wonderful festive season for you and your family

Take care,

Dr Emil Jansen

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I got a feeling … “that tonight’s gonna be a good night…”

 Doesn’t that line from the Black Eyed Peas song make you feel good? What about …. “I’m walkin’ on sunshine … woooah…” If you’re my age, that has to make you smile!It’s Spring… and we deserve it!

Open up your windows, open our latest Newsletter and breathe! It’s time to throw the weight of winter off of our shoulders and put some new life into our steps. When brightening things up why not include your smile?

Spring is the perfect time to come in for a cleaning and get your mouth feeling its best. And we would be happy to give you a refresher on how best to care for your teeth at home – the best way to avoid repairs.

You may also be considering some of the new cosmetic techniques.

We can whiten, mask stains, fill gaps, and cover cracks quickly and painlessly. Just ask for a consultation.

Looking your best helps you feel your best. We’re always happy to help. How better to say welcome spring than with a dazzling smile?

Take care,

Dr Emil Jansen

012 653 4119


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If you look good, you feel good.

You deserve a whiter smile!

If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you do good. You’ve heard it a million times before, but have you ever really listened? Like many old-fashioned recipes for success, this simple adage has the ring of truth. That’s why many people are investing time and money in themselves – to become more fit, more aware, more attractive.Dentist Emil Jansen

Even if your lifestyle won’t allow you to hit the gym on a regular basis, you can still hit the ground running in your head start to look and feel better. Teeth whitening takes only a minimal investment of your time, and the rewards are well worth it. Today’s modern teeth whitening techniques are safe and effective when undertaken in the professional environment of our dental office.

Life’s little lapses like tea, coffee, smoking, or red wine can gradually leave surface stains that are easy to remove. Just getting older or inheriting a darker tooth colour can also dim your smile. Some smiles have lost their sparkle due to root canal treatments, fluorosis, or tetracycline use.

Teeth whitening is fast becoming the first therapy of choice for millions of people just like you. For a brighter whiter smile, please give us a ring.

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