Give your smile a boost

One of the biggest joys I have is having a client or Superstar , like Matt Stern,  give me a big ear-to-ear smile as they leave my office when their treatment is complete.

That departing smile is really what my team and I strive for, whether it is after a dramatic smile transformation or after a routine recall appointment. Not only does this smile tell me we’ve done an excellent job and have met our clients’ expectations, it tells me that my clients feel good about their smile … and that is crucially important.

Having confidence in your smile can make or break every hour of your day. It can have a tremendous impact on your relationships, and even on your career success. Here are just a few smile imperfections that we have corrected for our clients. Take a moment to review the list and see if there is anything on it that you can relate to.

  •  crooked, misaligned teeth
  •  gaps due to missing or widely spaced teeth
  •  chipped or cracked enamel
  •  protruding or recessed dentition
  •  short or small square teeth
  •  uneven gumlines
  •  discoloured enamel
  •  unsightly fillings
  •  puffy, red gums that often bleed when brushing or flossing
  •  conspicuous, ill-fitting restorations

Did you find your smile in the list? If so, give us a call! We really want to see you flash your beautiful smile!

Yours in good dental health,

Dr. Emil Jansen

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