I got a feeling … “that tonight’s gonna be a good night…”

 Doesn’t that line from the Black Eyed Peas song make you feel good? What about …. “I’m walkin’ on sunshine … woooah…” If you’re my age, that has to make you smile!It’s Spring… and we deserve it!

Open up your windows, open our latest Newsletter and breathe! It’s time to throw the weight of winter off of our shoulders and put some new life into our steps. When brightening things up why not include your smile?

Spring is the perfect time to come in for a cleaning and get your mouth feeling its best. And we would be happy to give you a refresher on how best to care for your teeth at home – the best way to avoid repairs.

You may also be considering some of the new cosmetic techniques.

We can whiten, mask stains, fill gaps, and cover cracks quickly and painlessly. Just ask for a consultation.

Looking your best helps you feel your best. We’re always happy to help. How better to say welcome spring than with a dazzling smile?

Take care,

Dr Emil Jansen

012 653 4119


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