A Great Grin Is Ageless

Restorations will give you reason to smile

Studies show that people in cultures that do not focus on oral health often suffer a litany of related and progressive health problems. Gum disease and tooth loss have been correlated with cognitive decline as well as hearing loss in later years, for example. Because of this, it is vitally important to ensure lost or damaged teeth are replaced or restored promptly to insure you can eat and speak properly, avoid further damage, feel good about your appearance, and maintain your positive outlook.

Ensuring healthy gums and teeth that last a lifetime begins with good oral care in childhood, but sometimes teeth can become damaged, broken, or lost. We can restore and replace teeth with beautiful aesthetics at any stage of your life…

  • Inlays are tooth-coloured fillings for the biting surfaces of molars.
  • Onlays, also tooth-coloured restorations, sit on the biting surfaces and wrap over one or more cusps of molars.
  • Veneers offer beautifully shaped straight white teeth while hiding small imperfections.
  • Crowns cap individual teeth, lending support to compromised structure.
  • Bridges effectively replace a lost tooth with a replacement tooth, using adjacent teeth as anchors.
  • Implants are a secure permanent way to replace one or more missing teeth.

Call +27 12 653 4119 today to book your consultation to discuss solutions designed for your individual presentation, preference, and budget. Don’t wait to restore your smile… Your good health depends on it.

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